How to create the right parking policy for your business?

Questions to ask (yourself) before creating a parking policy

  • How many employees will use the spaces?
  • What means of transport do employees use for their home-to-work journeys (car, bicycle, public transport, etc.)?
  • Is teleworking applied in your company? How often? And for whom?
  • Does your company have fleet vehicles? If so, how many?
  • Are there staff members with guaranteed access to the parking?
  • Do any of your staff have to travel during the working day?
  • Should you consider “visitor” access?
  • What access time would you like to offer for your parking?
  • If you have a reservation system, should priorities be set for certain employees (limited number of reservations, reservations to be made within a time limit?).
  • Depending on your corporate culture, will certain employees have priority access, or will everyone have the same type of access?
  • What are their habits in terms of mobility?
  • Is it possible for them to travel to the workplace using another mode of transport than the car?
  • Do they have specific needs? (People with physical disabilities, pregnant women, need to drop children off at school, …)
  • Once all this data is known, you will be able to define your parking policy according to your needs.

The different types of access within the parking

Preferential access

Booking access

First-come, first-served access

After the creation, it is time to implement the parking policy



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