Le Grand Paris :

  • What is the “Grand Paris”?
  • The big changes and corresponding results
  • What impact does it have on mobility?

What is the “Grand Paris” ?

The big changes and corresponding results

  • Make Paris a leader among the world’s largest metropolis and promote the region on a global scale
  • Creating new opportunities and opening new horizons
  • An economic growth target: more than 60 billion euros of public revenue per year by 2030
  • Improve the living conditions of the inhabitants, in particular by improving mobility throughout the region;
  • Facilitate access to essential services (stations, shops, university hubs and cultural facilities);
  • Making Paris a high-performance city that consumes less energy
  • Make Paris an intelligent city that cares about the environment and meets the objectives of ecological transition;
  • Facilitate access to culture through new means of transport.

Overall, it is an initial investment of €35 billion that should eventually bring in €140 billion to France’s gross domestic product (GDP).

What impact does it have on mobility ?

  • the demand for travel (in terms of spatial planning, housing policy or economic development in order to influence the current modes of travel of the urban population)
  • the provision of spaces (acting on the approval of local urbanisation plans, to define the place of bicycles and other self-service means of transport in the city)
  • the actual planning of this new mobility (it will be able to influence the choices related to mobility in the heart of the urban area: areas with limited traffic, measures to protect the atmosphere, etc.) Its actions will then contribute to the objectives of the Île-de-France urban transport plan or the atmospheric protection plan, to name but a few.)



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