Parking in Villejuif: everything you need to know

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Villejuif is a French commune in the Île-de-France region, located in the northwestern part of the Val-de-Marne department, 1.5 km from Paris.

With more than 50,000 inhabitants, Villejuif is a dynamic community with many parks (Parc des Hautes-Bruyères), associations, hospitals (Groupe Hospitalier Paul Guiraud, Hôpital Gustave Roussy), businesses (LCL headquarters), schools and student residences, and public facilities (CPAM and the Villejuif public finance center). From a tourist point of view, the Bicêtre fort is one of the city’s main attractions.

As a dynamic Ile-de-France town, it can be difficult to find a parking space for your vehicle: streets are congested, and you have to find a parking space. In order to simplify your life, we have prepared an article listing all the solutions available to you.

On-street parking

Are you visiting Villejuif and want to park your vehicle on the street? Here is some useful information about parking and rates.

Parking zones in Villejuif


Yellow zone

  • Paid parking from 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday
  • Free on Sundays, holidays and the month of August
  • The parking disc is mandatory
  • Rates: 1h — 1€; 2h — 2€; 3h — 3€; 4h — 4€; 5h — 5€; 6h — 6€; 7h — 10€; 8h — 15€; 9h — 20€; 10h — 25€ (maximum 10 consecutive hours)

Red zone

  • Paid parking from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday
  • Free on Sundays, holidays and the month of August
  • The first 30 minutes are free
  • Rates: 30 min — 0€; 1h — 1€; 2h — 2€; 2h15–4€; 2h40–8€; 2h55–16h; 3h — 35€ (maximum 3 consecutive hours)

White zone

  • Free with no time limit

Parking at the same place is free for up to 7 days on the public road. Villejuif applies the rule of the highway code to ensure the sharing of public space and the rotation of vehicles.

Monthly parking solutions

Would you like to park your vehicle in a secure location that is available to you? Want to stop wasting time looking for a parking space? Shared parking is the solution you need, it consists of private parking spaces made available to you. These parking lots are secure and reasonably priced thanks to monthly subscriptions.

Here is a list of shared parking spaces available in Villejuif:

Parking solutions for companies

If you are looking for parking solutions for your company in Saint Priest, a corporate parking lot adapted to your needs is the solution. Learn more about Spaces, and contact us for more information on how to meet your employees’ parking needs.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable information about parking in Villejuif!

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