The ultimate guide to find a parking in Athis-Mons

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Athis-Mons is a city of 35,000 inhabitants located in Ile de France in the Essonne department. A part of the international airport of Orly is located in the city, the creation of this airport allowed to accelerate the development of Athis-Mons.

Located on the border with the Val de Marne, the town is connected to the Paris RER line C. Only 15 km separate Athis-Mons from the center of Paris, which makes it a town of close suburbs. The city also has beautiful flowered parks such as the Avaucourt park and the Coteau des Vignes park.

It is easy to park for free for a short time but what about longer term parking? In this article, we give you all the parking possibilities in Athis-Mons.

Public parking

If you plan to park in the city of Athis-Mons, several parking spaces on the road and public parking lots will be at your disposal. However, you should know that there are several types of parking: the blue zones limited to 1 hour, 1h30 or 2 hours, and the free parking zones.

The blue zones limited to 1 hour are those near services and shops. These parking times are valid every day from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, except on Sundays and holidays.

In order to be able to park in a blue zone parking space, you will need to use your parking disc to put on your windshield and indicate the time of arrival. If you exceed the time indicated, you will be fined.

List of blue zone parking lots:

  • Parking Argant — Blue zone 1h30
  • Parking Camus -Blue zone 1h30
  • Parking de l’Église -Blue zone 1h
  • Parking de la Belle Étoile -Blue zone 1h30
  • Parking de la mairie principale -Blue zone 1h
  • Parking de la poste -Blue zone 1h30
  • Parking du Centre commercial des Clos -Blue zone 1h
  • Parking du Centre commercial du Noyer Renard -Blue zone 1h
  • Parking du Centre commercial Mozart -Blue zone 1h
  • Parking du cimetière -Blue zone 1h30
  • Parking du marché des Gravilliers -Blue zone 1h
  • Parking Jules Vallès -Blue zone 2h
  • Parking place du Général de Gaulle -Blue zone 1h
  • Parking Rothenburg-Ob-Der-Tauber -Blue zone 1h30
  • Stationnements longitudinaux de la place de l’Église -Blue zone 1h

List of free parkings:

  • Parkings de la Grosse Roche
  • Parking Froelinger
  • Parking Hébert
  • Parking du marché des Gravilliers
  • Parking de la Salle
  • Parking des Pitourées
  • Parking de la Gare
  • Parking Avaucourt

Shared parking solutions

If you are looking for secure parking for a longer period of time, shared parking is the ideal solution for you. These parking lots allow you to take out a subscription for the duration of your choice while adapting to your needs. Shared parking lots are private parking lots that provide you with the security to park your car while offering you economic advantages thanks to their attractive price.

Here is the list of shared parking lots in Athis-Mons:

Parking solutions for companies

Company parking can be a real headache in its organization. If your offices are located in Athis-Mons and you are looking for a parking solution for your employees, you can opt for the company parking.

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