The ultimate parking guide in Saint-Cloud

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Saint-Cloud is a commune located in the Hauts-de-Seine region of the Île-de-France. With more than 30,000 inhabitants, it is a residential town with a high standard of living. It is not always easy to park there because the demand is very high.

We have therefore taken the initiative to help Clodoaldians and visitors to the city to understand clearly the parking policy used in this commune of the Paris Region. Discover our ultimate guide to parking in Saint-Cloud and learn more about parking regulations.

Parking on the street

Saint-Cloud, like most other cities, has different parking zones. Parking arrangements vary depending on the zone you are in.

Rotating parking zone

  • Paid parking Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm
  • Free parking throughout the month of August
  • Parking time limited to 2 hours
  • Rate: 0h15 — free; 0h25–0.60€; 0h35–0.80€; 0h45–1€; 1h — 1.50€; 1h30–2.10€; 2h — 3€; 2h15–10€; 2h30–25€.

Zone résidents

  • Paid parking Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm
  • Free parking all month of August
  • Parking time limited to 6 hours
  • Rate: 0h15 — free; 0h25–0.60€; 0h35–0.80€; 0h45–1€; 1h — 1.40€; 1h30–2€; 2h — 2.80€; 3h — 4€; 4h — 5€; 5h — 6€; 6€ — 7€; 6h30–10€; 7h — 25€

Here is a map showing the different parking zones in Saint-Cloud :

Like many cities, Saint-Cloud offers its residents a resident pass to allow them to benefit from reduced rates when parking near their home. This subscription is valid for 2 years and allows for discounts on parking in the residents’ zone only.

The rate is as follows:

  • Daily subscription : 0,70 €
  • Weekly subscription : 3,30 €
  • Monthly subscription : 13 €
  • Quarterly subscription : 37 €
  • Annuel subscription : 132 €

Opt for a long-term parking solution

Choose a new way of parking and reserve your parking space online in a secure parking lot close to where you are going. You have the choice and can subscribe directly online for the duration that suits your needs.

This tailor-made parking solution allows you to leave your car safely and to park at an affordable price.

Discover below the list of available parking lots:

  • Quai Carnot
  • 5 Rue Daily
  • Place Joffre
  • Rue d’Orléans
  • Place Georges Clémenceau

You can rent the above parking lots via this contact form.

Parking solution for companies

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