What is Parksharing?

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the urban areas of Europe, there are seven million available parking spaces in private car parks, while at the same time most people are circling around in the street trying to find a parking space, which is extremly hard in most cases.

That’s why parksharing has been growing so fast in Europe these years!

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What is parksharing?

Why choose parksharing?

How to rent a parking space in shared private car parks?

What is Parksharing?

The concept of shared parking appeared a few years ago with the aim of reducing traffic and to compensate for the lack of parking space in urban areas by providing unused private spaces.

Indeed, it has been shown that about 30% of the traffic would be caused by the search for a parking space and that a driver would spend averagely a whole day of his life looking for a parking space. With the concept of parksharing, drivers now have way parking choices than before.

On the other side, individuals with extra spaces are able to get an additional revenue or a company, a hotel or any other form of institution that also has unused spaces can make them profitable.

Why choose parksharing?

Opting for a mobility solution such as parksharing has many advantages for individuals and businesses in terms of ecological, economic and societal.

Increased security

When you rent or book a parking space in a shared private car parks, your car will be well guarded!

Unlike public car parks, private car parks have limited and regulated access. To access it you will simply need your mobile phone that will serve as a remote control to open the barrier.

Yes … neither badges nor tickets!

These could potentially be lost or stolen which would greatly increase the risk of unauthorized persons being intruded.

Attractive price

Renting or booking a parking spot in a shared private car parks generally costs less than parking in a public car park or parking in the street. Numerous rental options are available which allows a better attractiveness of the prices.

Thus, drivers can choose the option that suits them best and enjoy an optimal flexibility.

Resource Optimization

By making unoccupied parking spaces accessible to the community, all the existing parking resources in the city can be fully used, which avoids creating unnecessary new spaces.

In addition, a better use of the existing parking resources allows a significant optimization of the costs for drivers but also for parking owners, in terms of getting more value from the existing assets.

Finally, non-operated car parks in the city become micro-mobility poles as they also make it easier to use replacement solutions for short and medium-range journeys such as scooters, bicycles, buses and so forth.

How to rent a parking space in shared private car parks?

The principle is simple, you can rent a parking space via a website or mobile application on which you can search for the nearest shared private car parks, check availability and price .

Whether short or long term everything is possible!

Note also that some companies such as BePark and Onepark are recommended if you are looking for a parking place in Belgium or France.

Example of BePark and OnePark websites

Once you have completed your search, you will be able to choose to rent by month or by day for the car park you wish to use. Different types of rental options are possible, you will find subscriptions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, night, weekend or for 5 days on weekdays only.

The payment will be made online and you will then be able to access the parking via your mobile phone which will serve as a “remote control” to open the barrier (Here is an example of BePark). If you encounter a problem during the transaction, you will of course be able to contact a 24/7 assistance number.

I hope that this article has allowed you to become more familiar with the concept of parksharing and you will have the opportunity to discover its advantages very soon.

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Smart Parking Solutions. For individuals: https://www.bepark.eu/ For companies: https://corporate.bepark.eu

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