What is Smart Mobility?

3 min readJul 30, 2020


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Congested cities, high vehicle acquisition costs and pollution all point to the urgent need to rethink mobility. The phenomenal success of BlaBlaCar has shown us how much the society in which we live in is receptive to new modes of mobility.

Companies with environmental responsibility are thus more in search of new mobility solutions.

In this article, we talk about smart mobility, a new buzzword that attracts the curiosity of all who are interested in mobility. (Click on the link below to go directly to a specific part of the article).

Definition of smart mobility

What makes the notion of For example, it attaches fundamental importance to smart mobility fascinating is, first and foremost, its difficulty in being a definition. Essentially focused on the future and innovation, it aims to address a variety of issues. It is characterised by all means to make mobility smarter while preserving what is essential. the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change. Alternative modes of transport such as self-service bicycles, or short-haul carpools are part of this approach.

In addition, there are other fields of application for smart mobility, particularly in the field of road safety or the management of transport. Facing the growing popularity of smart mobility, many university courses are emerging in this area. Just as the explosion of digital technology has given birth to the Chief Digital Officer, smart mobility is of such importance that it will be the subject of several professions in its own right. Hence the need to organise the management of mobility within companies.

Towards the existence of Smart Mobility Managers

Whether for HR, fleet manager or parking manager, there is no Smart Mobility without Smart Solution. Many platforms have already emerged such as Klaxit or Karos that allow users to make short-distance carpools.

Another example of this new trend is the French draft law on mobility. It gives companies an exemption of 400 euros in tax, which will be used to pay each employee as “mobility package”.

As a result, more and more companies will use smart solution platforms in the future to justify their spending on sustainable mobility. It will not be rare in the future to witness the existence of personnel specialised in smart mobility.

An opportunity for parking owners

But what is the link between smart mobility and parking? All in all, Smart Parking is an important part of Smart Mobility. Smart car parks are all about improved accessibility, fluidity and operation. Many car parks now make it possible to overcome the disadvantages of conventional car parks.

One of the benefits is accessibility. No need to go past a camera or insert a ticket to pay for parking your vehicles. Parking managers, enterprises, parking owners can now count on automation to save time and money.

I ndeed, today’s softwares such as BePark PLATFORM allows you to manage different parking access. Employees or tenants can book or cancel their parking space by themselves. I t also becomes possible to manage different car parks of different sites on the same platform, etc.

Smart car parks allow greater flexibility in rental, an important criteria in increasing their real estate profitability. In addition, the longer it takes for a driver to search for a parking space, the more carbon footprint will be caused by the driver.

Smart Parking reduces the carbon footprint of parking managers as well as their employees. It is therefore an excellent opportunity for a company to value its social and environmental responsibility.

Smart mobility management is far from being a future Buzzword, but a new trend that continues growing. It is a coherent response to various issues, including sustainable development. The emergence of new technologies will accompany this movement while proposing new solutions. This is the purpose of our approach at BePark. Our value proposition is to improve the parking experience while providing a response to the challenges of tomorrow.

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